Accurately Distinguishing Genuine and Counterfeit Branded Bags

Having a branded bag by a famous designer is a dream for fashion lovers. Those who shop in Paris, Milan or New York and go home with branded bags will be proud to show it off.

But not everyone can afford or want to buy branded bags that cost millions or hundreds of millions. Some choose bags with other brands that are more affordable, while others don’t care about carrying fake bags.

There’s a joke to find out if the bag someone is carrying is real or fake. If the bag is carried carefully, and on the lap or placed on the table while the owner is sitting, then most likely the bag is genuine. But if the bag is placed haphazardly and carries it haphazardly, then the possibility is false.

But that way of detection is certainly not a guarantee. There’s a more definitive way to tell if a branded bag someone is carrying is genuine or fake. The thing is, you have to approach and observe the bag with a tool called Entrupy. And it is likely that the bag owner is reluctant to let his bag be held.

This is more suitable for use when you want to buy a bag from someone, but you doubt its authenticity.

Through a wireless device that uses a microscopic camera, it matches the features and details of the original item, such as the print pattern, the surface and texture of the skin, as well as the coloring. He then compared the feature to a database of 30,000 handbags and wallets he had stored.

Entrupy founder Vidyuth Srinivasan said the accuracy of the device in detecting branded bags was 98 percent. With the precision and ability to zoom in on images up to 260 times, it can recognize 11 often forged brands, including Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci. There are currently about 160 businesses that use the tool rental services.

“Previously, this work relied on the eyes and human experience, but it gave measurable results,” Vidyuth said. With Entrupy, Vidyuth hopes to help consumers identify counterfeit goods that are often sold on the internet or through second sellers