5 Famous Brands of Women’s Bags

For a woman, it feels very incomplete when going without using a bag. Related to this, there are quite a lot of well-known brands of women’s bags that can be chosen. By using a well-known branded bag, your confidence will definitely increase. So it is very natural that branded bags are often hunted by women.

However, before deciding to buy a branded bag, there are several things that must be considered. Here are some tips for buying branded bags and recommendations for the best branded bags for all of you.

Tips for Choosing a Famous Women’s Bag Brand

1. Set Goals When Buying Bags

The first thing to do when buying a bag is to determine the purpose of buying the bag. You can customize based on the activities you frequently participate in. Whether for activities, formal, non-formal, go for a walk, for example. For example, for formal activities, you can choose the type of handbag.

2. Choose a Trusted Store

If you have set a goal of buying a bag, then choose a trusted store that not only sells models but also provides quality. Usually, official brands will be found in large malls.

In addition, you can also buy online through the official website. Never buy through individuals because they are not sure about the quality.

3. Pay Attention to Quality

When going to buy a bag, also pay attention to the quality of the bag you are going to buy. Especially if you often do activities with a lot of items, you should use a bag that is not easily damaged and is durable.

Recommended Famous Women’s Bag Brands

1. Aigner

Aigner is a bag brand from Munich, Germany. Not only providing bags, more than that there are also other luxury leather products such as belts, suitcases, wallets, handbags and various other classy accessories.

There is no doubt about the quality. You can choose Aigner Agnes Satchel White Sandstone Muli. This Aigner bag model comes with genuine leather and an elegant design.

2. Furla

Furla is an Italian bag that has been around since the 1960s. From the start of production, this brand has been selling very well. This is because this one bag brand always presents the latest designs without leaving the quality.

Not only is the design attractive, more than that, the basic material that uses leather also makes women fall in love even more. You can get this Furla bag online or offline, the price is of course quite expensive considering the quality is very good.

3. Bottega

Still from Italy, this Bottega bag brand comes with quality leather and a very elegant design. The Bottega branded bag comes with a classic design wrapped in the finest and smoothest traditional woven.

Details of the material using cowhide with a bag size of 15 x 8 x 15 cm. You can use this Bottega bag with two variations of models, namely long or short models. Regarding the price, it can be said that it is very expensive for this one Bottega bag.

4. Chloe

It can be said that the Chloe women’s bag brand was a very famous brand in the 70-1s thanks to its very attractive design. Even now, the Chole bag still has quite a lot of fans. The fashionable design is very suitable for various activities.

Comes with cowhide material measuring 36 x 11 x 27 and a strap length of 45 cm. This Chlor Marcie Medium Satchel is very suitable for daily activities. Regarding the price, it is very expensive, you can buy it through online or offline stores.

5. Cartier

Initially, the Cartier company only produced luxury jewelry and watches. Until finally penetrated his business in bags and accessories that carry materials from genuine leather. One of them is Cartier Bordeaux Leather which is quite popular with women.

This branded bag comes with a very simple yet elegant design. Moreover, the leather material and the magnetic buttons are also very attractive when used for party events. The elegant model makes you more confident.