Fun Food Holidays

Some days when I read my e-mails at the office, I can’t believe some of the suggestions I get for show ideas from people all over the country! A few weeks ago, I was “informed” that May 23rd, 2011 is National Taffy Day. Pardon the pun, but as a holiday…this could be a “stretch of the imagination”…yet…why not have some fun with it. I guess someone decided that there would be an annual national celebration of this chewy, sweet candy confection that’s generally sold on boardwalk stands or little shops in seaside communities.

For me, growing up in Brooklyn and going to the beach in Coney Island, enjoying some Saltwater Taffy is definitely a smile-inducing childhood memory. Sticky hands, sticky teeth…melt-in-your mouth yummy. Lots of flavors…yes, I can see why someone would want to declare a day to celebrate this awesome old-fashioned treat!

As to how saltwater taffy got its name? One story is that back in the 19th century, an Atlantic City taffy stand was hit by a huge ocean wave, and its entire stock of taffy was drenched with saltwater. True or not…if you’re doing any traveling in coastal areas this summer, you might find some great saltwater taffy – but if you’re having a stay cation? No worries! You can order the original Fralinger’s Salt Water Taffy online so you can enjoy your own old-fashioned taffy at home. And to make things really feel like you’ve taken your taste buds to the beach, try our awesome recipe for Seasoned Steamers for your own clambake right in the kitchen. You can have a backyard beach party wherever you live – and make some tasty memories of your own!

And I’ll be sure to let you in on any more fun food holidays…’cause you never know what will show up in my email inbox! So stay tuned!

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