Sharmila Rajaram to enter Mere Sai

Sharmila Rajaram to enter Mere Sai

Lately, on Mere Sai, a thrilling Haldi Kumkum series changed into going on and famous television actress Toral Rasputra was all in for it. Toral plays the role of Baiza Maa in Mere Sai. Toral is at the beginning from Gujarat and her individual within the display is that of a Maharashtrian girl. She did now not have a good deal idea about the Haldi Kumkum ceremony and changed into very excited to study it. She understood the significance of the ceremony from her team at the sets as to how ladies get together and put Haldi & Kumkum as tikka and change presents.

Toral said, “I wasn’t plenty privy to this ceremony earlier than as i am a Gujarati and feature never achieved it in real lifestyles. However now I’ve understood the importance of this and the tale goes that during olden days, women have been not allowed to go out and socialize, so the Maharashtrian ladies commenced out this beautiful lifestyle of meeting each other inside the neighborhood, putting tikkas and replacing items.

It’s far like a ‘Kitty birthday celebration’ of the olden days. I had quite a few amusing on the units during this series. It changed into additionally wonderful to research a brand new lifestyle. It didn’t feel like i used to be running however more like revel in of a pageant being celebrated in my society.”

As consistent with the contemporary track, the forged of Mere Sai can be seen project a cleanliness force within the surrounding vicinity previous to a British officer’s visit. Both Abeer Soofi who essays the role of Sai Baba and Toral Rasputra who performs the function of Baiza Ba are cleanliness freaks in actual-lifestyles. A lot that they ensure that the set and its environment are clean and there is greenery everywhere. The entire forged and team additionally ensure that it’s an easy running space.

Abeer Soofi said, “even as on the show, cleanliness power might be undertaken on arrival of a British officer, but what I agree with is that, visitors shouldn’t be the motive for one to clean up their homes, it ought to be a dependency. I strongly accept as true within smooth and inexperienced surroundings and that i sense that it is my duty to keep it clean. If all people do their bit, we are able to make our united states a purifier place to stay.”

Toral Rasputra said “i’m a cleanliness freak in actual lifestyles. I don’t muddle, nor can i see every person clutter. I’m satisfied to be running on Mere Sai, due to the fact the sets are very tidy. Easy surroundings can energize you to work higher. I have constantly promoted this and i’m glad that we undertook cleanliness pressure, this could help us attain to the masses and pursue them to do the same.”

Currently, Arun Gaikwad came to the units of Mere Sai with nine cash that belonged to Shirdi’s Sai Baba. Before his Samadhi, Sai Baba proficient these 9 coins to Laxmi Bai Shinde. Just a few days in the past, her grandson got here on the sets with these coins. As a result, showering Sai’s benefits on all the members operating at the show. Arun loves the display and watches it each day.

He loves Abeer Soofi’s performing to be very authentic and consequently desired to meet him in view that a long term. Anyone turned into surprised whilst he stated that he has introduced the treasured 9 cash with him. The entire group additionally has done an aarti of the on the Dwarikamai set.

Abeer, who essays the role of Sai on the show said, ‘The whole forged and group of Mere Sai could be very lucky and blessed, due to the fact with one of these busy running agenda, we do no longer get an awful lot time to visit Shirdi, but this is a real miracle, wherein the actual 9 coins proficient via Sai Baba came on the units to bless everyone. for more info, you can check that Mere Sai.

I experience extremely obliged as humans walk up to these coins to hope, and not absolutely everyone receives this hazard where the advantages come to your manner in place of you going to them. It became Baba’s wish that this cash comes to us and they have. This can handiest appear due to Laxmi Bai’s grandson. Sai Baba, during his Samadhi, proficient these treasured nine coins to Laxmi Bai on 15th October 1918. Arun Gaikwad, her grandson, watches the display regularly, and the display’s reputation is what made him come on sets.’

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