Nokia’s attempt to return: the pros and cons of the new phone

Nokia’s attempt to return: the pros and cons of the new phone

2017 HMD worldwide has returned Nokia to the mobile phone world. The biggest lure to bring back the glory of the company was the legendary Nokia 3310 model. The phone version that was updated in this way was really asking, and the devices just swept away from the store shelves.

At the same time, three more cheap Nokia three, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6 models were released with the Android operating system. However, Nokia is no longer just looking for a low-cost phone buyer section, so at the end of last year, the Nokia 8 model, which is trying to align with the flagship manufacturers of packages, came on stream. Previously, Nokia’s name is associated with the image of a really good phone. Unfortunately, for the first time in the long run, Nokia manufacturers fell asleep on the laurels and did not notice other manufacturers who have changed and offered the consumer innovation and innovation.

When Nokia came to rest, the company was already in a desperate position, and for a long time, the name reigning in the tops was no longer interesting to anyone. True, there were attempts to resurrect when Microsoft was still trying to offer Nokia with a home windows operating system, the lack of guess applications and the more attractive Android or iOS operating systems just killed Nokia. Guy had the opportunity to try out the updated version of the 3310 – I think it was only spoiled for nostalgia for the legendary name.

Well, the machine might still like those who are still unable to reconcile and accept smart. I also had the opportunity to try out the Nokia 6 – a great budget choice, only the Snapdragon 430 processor weak. The updated Snapdragon 630 this year is much more attractive to those who don’t want to pay a thousand euros per phone. The Nokia 2 and Nokia 7 models have not yet reached our market. Wager has got Nokia eight in my hands, which is the most powerful and expensive of the Nokia series phones today.

The Tray is Mandatory When you get hold of Nokia eight, the first impression is how you don’t throw it here. Very slippery, and the back is very scratch-resistant (in line with two weeks before I tried the phone, scratched his entire back). I do not recommend carrying this phone without the tray. The Nokia 8 has a 5.3-inch screen and QHD resolution (1440 x 2560) and is very compact and comfortable. However, the guy with the one hand was hard to control, because he was so slippery that he wanted to keep him in second hand automatically. When the flagship vendors of the package companies reduce the area of ​​the unnecessary screen and increasingly use the 18: nine aspect ratio, Nokia remains somehow old-fashioned and Nokia eight left sixteen: 9.

If Nokia can’t match the flagship exterior, the Snapdragon 835 processor that works inside is not the same as the Samsung Galaxy notice eight or iPhone X models. After launching the AnTuTu test, the phone gathered almost 17,192,27 tašokayas. It is good that the system is not loaded with unnecessary applications and uses the latest and clean version of Android Oreo.You can get this right here without cost telefonu deklai.

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