Next to the NBA, the tight KBL schedule,

Next to the NBA, the tight KBL schedule,

Lee Sangmin (47), who met in a locker room at Jamsil Gymnasium recently, confessed to the tight KBL schedule (about 6 months). The actual KBL takes 54 games (six rounds) a season. Worldwide, there are a lot of matches after 82 games of the NBA.

Especially in this season, the schedule of the A Basketball Match has been broken twice as the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) World Cup qualifier has been held twice. A KBL official said, “The clubs are playing about 2.8 games per week this season,” he said. “If you have the same year, the playoff (PO) schedule for the end of April can be up to the end of April.”

◆ A tight schedule, worries about falling performance

There are clubs that are tight on a tight schedule. SK Knights of Seoul suffered difficulty in team management due to injuries such as Aaron Haynes (38), Kim Sun-hyung (31), Kim Min Soo (37), Choi Jun-yong (25) and An Young Joon (24). SK, who was the lowest in the league until last January, is currently in ninth place (18-23) of the 10 clubs.

SK’s “spring basketball” was prematurely taken into account, considering that the average number of victory routes in the last three seasons was 27 wins. Busan KT sonic boom, which is middle-class, also suffered from injury due to injured people. Guard Huhun (24) and center Kim Min-wook (29) were injured and foreign player David Logan (37) left the league in an early 8 week hamstring injury.

If the season schedule is too tight, the side effects of falling performance will also occur. Choi Yeon-gil (48), commentator of basketball at MBC Sports Plus, said in a conversation with the mainland on December 12, “The league schedule has become tight due to the FIBA ​​World Cup qualification. In such a case, the athlete’s strength may be lowered. I think it would be better to adjust the season schedule flexibly according to the A-match situation. ”

◆ Interests of broadcasting companies and sponsors

Clearly, this is not a problem that can easily be changed. This is because financial interests are intricately intertwined. KBL officials said, “(The schedule change of the league) is the part that needs to be discussed with MBC Sports Plus, the main broadcasting company. “MBC Sports Plus is part of reselling content, so I’m very careful to mention changes in the season schedule,” he said. “For best services you can visit just goto NBA중계.

I think the players will be physically difficult, but the idea of ​​the club front is different. “Some clubs do not want to reduce the season round,” he said. “If a club is classified as a publicity part of a company, the shorter the season schedule, the more likely it is that the cost is the same but the publicity is less effective. If you sign a long-term contract with sponsors, you will have to re-adjust the sponsorship amount if you reduce the round. ”

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