Gambling in Bali is still rampant, opened 5 times a week

Gambling in Bali is still rampant, opened 5 times a week

Moreover, the KD of the dealer is also recorded as the RT leader in the Sukajadi Urban Village, making residents angry and reporting on the gambling activities,” he said.

In running the business, he said, suspects only received lottery pairs from their customers via SMS to then be forwarded to the online lottery gambling site Dewa Togel with an irregular account name.

In the arrest, the police also secured a number of items of evidence, including one Advance brand tablet, one cellphone unit, Rp.1.1 million in cash, BCA passbooks, a piece of paper from the lottery that came out and a suspect book belonging to the KD suspect.

Meanwhile the KD suspect when he was confirmed admitted that he had long been a lottery dealer to increase income other than honorarium as RT head to meet economic needs. “If a lot of pairs are quite a lot, they can get Rp. 200,000 in a day, not to mention if they come in pairs and win,” he said.

DENPASAR – People are still complaining about the large circulation of lottery gambling. Even in the Denpasar District Court it was revealed, that gambling lottery was opened five times a week. Namely Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

The operational issue of the lottery gambling was presented in the trial of the toggle gambling coupon indictment with defendants Djuli Widodo (45) and A Sri Rahayu, having his address at Jalan Dewi Madri III, Denpasar. JPU Putu Oka Suryatmaja before a panel of judges led by Wayan Kawisada, in his indictment, explained that the defendant was arrested after the police received complaints from the public that there were often white coupon transactions or lottery gambling.

On Wednesday, November 28, 2018, exactly on Jalan Tukad Badung, Denpasar, the police conducted a surveillance. And the defendant was arrested when selling lottery coupons.

As in the indictment, it was stated that the one who was registered as a buyer was Mrs. Erna with the status of DPO and Siti Anjarwati. They buy with different numbers, namely two numbers and three numbers. As a result of the inspection, they were only collectors and lottery opened five times a week. Who is the actual lottery dealer, people hope the bookie can be revealed.

“This time the eruption of the ash column was not observed visually due to being covered in thick abut. “The eruption was recorded by a seismograph with a maximum amplitude of 23 mm with a duration of 1 minute 47 seconds,” he said.

Dewa Mertayasa said, as of March 21, Mount Agung had experienced six eruptions. In the middle of the status of Mount Agung, this is still III (Standby), with the possibility of a subsequent eruption. Given the volcanic activity of Mount Agung is still fluctuating or up and down.

Moreover, the mountain has a clear open system for eruptions that is prone to occur. Because with this open system, magmatic flow from below is easier to rise to the surface. Because nothing holds on it. But, still the eruption that happened was still small. If there is a throw still in the area of ​​4 km. Nothing has yet led to greater eruspi, “said Mertayasa.You can get this here for free togel.

While residents in Waliang Hamlet, Abang Village, Ni Putu Wardani said, if the area was exposed to volcanic ash due to eruspi which occurred early this morning.

He said, exposure to ash rain is quite thick. “I know there is ash rain at 2:00 a.m. The volcanic ash is quite thick, “he said.

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