Best Music Distribution Services For Indie Artists 2019

While they may not be furnishing the additional highlights accessible with their rivals, they exceed expectations in the administrations that they have.


– They give best limited time best music distribution to your music.

– You don’t need to pay any commissions on your income.

– They offer free standardized identifications.

– You get limits to get to numerous different administrations on different sites.

– They have generally excellent accumulation of instructive articles to enable you to develop as an autonomous craftsman.


– You’ve to pursue the simple manual procedure for pre-orders.

– There are just 44 destinations on which your music is conveyed.

– They don’t have any inbuilt spread tune permitting administration.

– You don’t get SoundCloud or YouTube adaptation.

– They’ve an exceptionally restricted investigation.

– You don’t get any permitting or distributing offers.

– Payment parting isn’t bolstered.


Songcast has been around for quite a while and thus have an enormous number of craftsmen on their membership list. Their new improved form offers much better benefits than their previous symbol.

Their rundown of highlights looks incredible all things considered, yet when investigated profoundly, it’s not amazing in correlation with different organizations. In spite of the fact that they exceed expectations in the highlights that they give, the expense that they charge for such restricted highlights is on the higher side.

My own communication with their help group on two or three events has been genuinely palatable. Despite the fact that the circumstance wasn’t lovely, however their client service was truly understanding and accommodating.

In case you’re thinking about to sign in, you should see how your fans and other music darlings would respond. It’s critical to be sensible in knowing whether somebody would come to Songcast as opposed to going to iTunes or Spotify to tune in to the music.

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