Best CB Antennas 2019

Best CB Antennas 2019

Magnet mount recieving wires, similar to you’d presumably figure from the name, use a magnet base to tie down the reception apparatus to the vehicle. They accompany all that you’ll require in one bundle, as the urge, attractive mount and whip radio wire are altogether included.

The loop for attractive CB radio wires is in the attractive/plastic base get together, at the extremely base of the recieving wire.

Inexact RANGE: 3 TO 7 MILES

Transmit and get range will fluctuate drastically dependent on conditions and the mounting area of the reception apparatus. However, for an unpleasant estimate, you can anticipate the accompanying extent from these lengths of attractive recieving wires.

  • 3′ Magnet Antennas: 3 to 4 Miles
  • 5′ Magnet Antennas: 5 to 7 Miles


In the event that you have a vehicle with a metal rooftop, it’s difficult to beat the execution of a tall magnet mount reception apparatus on your rooftop. The focal mounting area and heigh of the reception apparatus (at the most elevated point on the vehicle) will result in the best execution you’ll have the capacity to get in any single radio wire introduce separated from a 102″ whip.

In addition, it’s too simple to introduce. Dissimilar to different reception apparatuses that require extraordinary mounts that regularly require boring into your vehicle, an attractive mount radio wire introduces basically and neatly to your housetop. Simply set it set up and you’re finished!


While you’ll appreciate noteworthy execution, you’re bound to have leeway issues with an attractive mount radio wire given it’s high mount area.

Attractive mount reception apparatuses use a recieving wire whip that embeds into the attractive/plastic base. In contrast to a fiberglass recieving wire, these whips are slender – comparable in width to a paperclip.

On the off chance that you hit the top part of the whip on a reception apparatus or tree appendage, it will probably twist off the beaten path. However, on the off chance that you get the whip let down, you’re in all respects liable to seriously twist or even break it. So magnet mount recieving wires aren’t an incredible decision on the off chance that you realize your radio wire will take a decent arrangement of maltreatment.


At 62″, the Wilson 1000 is an a lot bigger radio wire however it performs amazingly well. Introduced on your housetop, you’ll likely get between 5 to 7 miles by and large and – given the correct conditions – fundamentally more. The whip partition additionally screws-off at the base, so you can evacuate the whip to improve leeway while as yet leaving the attractive base and urge connected. See the Wilson 1000 here.

Given the title of this article – “Picking the Best CB Antenna” maybe we ought to have put this one at the top. The 102″ whip radio wire will, beyond question, furnish you with the best execution of ANY of the reception apparatuses on this page!Now take a look at how these CB Antennas features of

Dissimilar to different radio wires referenced, there is no loop area for this reception apparatus. It needn’t bother with one on the grounds that the 102″ speaks to an ideal 1/4 CB wave length. The majority of different reception apparatuses we notice take 102″ of wire and wrap it up firmly to reenact a 102″ whip. This reception apparatus is the genuine article.

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