5 Famous Brands of Women’s Bags

For a woman, it feels very incomplete when going without using a bag. Related to this, there are quite a lot of well-known brands of women’s bags that can be chosen. By using a well-known branded bag, your confidence will definitely increase. So it is very natural that branded bags are often hunted by women.

However, before deciding to buy a branded bag, there are several things that must be considered. Here are some tips for buying branded bags and recommendations for the best branded bags for all of you.

Tips for Choosing a Famous Women’s Bag Brand

1. Set Goals When Buying Bags

The first thing to do when buying a bag is to determine the purpose of buying the bag. You can customize based on the activities you frequently participate in. Whether for activities, formal, non-formal, go for a walk, for example. For example, for formal activities, you can choose the type of handbag.

2. Choose a Trusted Store

If you have set a goal of buying a bag, then choose a trusted store that not only sells models but also provides quality. Usually, official brands will be found in large malls.

In addition, you can also buy online through the official website. Never buy through individuals because they are not sure about the quality.

3. Pay Attention to Quality

When going to buy a bag, also pay attention to the quality of the bag you are going to buy. Especially if you often do activities with a lot of items, you should use a bag that is not easily damaged and is durable.

Recommended Famous Women’s Bag Brands

1. Aigner

Aigner is a bag brand from Munich, Germany. Not only providing bags, more than that there are also other luxury leather products such as belts, suitcases, wallets, handbags and various other classy accessories.

There is no doubt about the quality. You can choose Aigner Agnes Satchel White Sandstone Muli. This Aigner bag model comes with genuine leather and an elegant design.

2. Furla

Furla is an Italian bag that has been around since the 1960s. From the start of production, this brand has been selling very well. This is because this one bag brand always presents the latest designs without leaving the quality.

Not only is the design attractive, more than that, the basic material that uses leather also makes women fall in love even more. You can get this Furla bag online or offline, the price is of course quite expensive considering the quality is very good.

3. Bottega

Still from Italy, this Bottega bag brand comes with quality leather and a very elegant design. The Bottega branded bag comes with a classic design wrapped in the finest and smoothest traditional woven.

Details of the material using cowhide with a bag size of 15 x 8 x 15 cm. You can use this Bottega bag with two variations of models, namely long or short models. Regarding the price, it can be said that it is very expensive for this one Bottega bag.

4. Chloe

It can be said that the Chloe women’s bag brand was a very famous brand in the 70-1s thanks to its very attractive design. Even now, the Chole bag still has quite a lot of fans. The fashionable design is very suitable for various activities.

Comes with cowhide material measuring 36 x 11 x 27 and a strap length of 45 cm. This Chlor Marcie Medium Satchel is very suitable for daily activities. Regarding the price, it is very expensive, you can buy it through online or offline stores.

5. Cartier

Initially, the Cartier company only produced luxury jewelry and watches. Until finally penetrated his business in bags and accessories that carry materials from genuine leather. One of them is Cartier Bordeaux Leather which is quite popular with women.

This branded bag comes with a very simple yet elegant design. Moreover, the leather material and the magnetic buttons are also very attractive when used for party events. The elegant model makes you more confident.

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How to Recognize Fake Branded Bags

Who here likes shopping for bags? You? If shopping for a bag at once an investment? Really can! A lot of money has come out, it’s a shame that your favorite bags are only used. Yup, you can invest through luxury bags with a newfangled classic. But, before you aim for the branded bag of your dreams, you must be careful of the number of counterfeit goods on the market. It’s already spent tens of millions, but it turns out the bag you bought is not an authentic item ?! What a turn off!

If you are wary before buying your favorite branded bags, here’s how to check the authenticity of the bags from each of its brands!


For this one brand, only use zippers from certain brands, such as Lampo, YKK, Opti, and IPI. Then, the original Prada bag also only has a small white label on the inside of the bag, with a random number written on it, babes.

Another Prada bag which is the most popular product in the Indonesian market is the bag with the Black Leather Tote series. This bag is made of genuine leather and has a very high level of comfort when used. Thus, do not be surprised if a bag with this series becomes one of the favorite choices.


Usually, the original Chanel bag has an interlocking C, while the clone has an interlocking O that seems to be cut to make it look similar to the letter C. Then, the Chanel bag does not have a tag attached. The brand new Chanel bag will come with a black dust bag that has a black Chanel logo.


For Gucci bags, you can see from the pocket! The leather cutting must be exactly the same as the inner pocket. Then, the tag inside that says Gucci and ‘Made in Italy’ must have a serial number with 4 or 6 digits!

Louis Vuitton

You know, no, if the Louis Vuitton brand is widely imitated, you know! The easiest step is to check the ‘O’ logo which should be perfectly round in shape. Because the ‘O’ logo on the imitation bag is oval in shape!

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Accurately Distinguishing Genuine and Counterfeit Branded Bags

Having a branded bag by a famous designer is a dream for fashion lovers. Those who shop in Paris, Milan or New York and go home with branded bags will be proud to show it off.

But not everyone can afford or want to buy branded bags that cost millions or hundreds of millions. Some choose bags with other brands that are more affordable, while others don’t care about carrying fake bags.

There’s a joke to find out if the bag someone is carrying is real or fake. If the bag is carried carefully, and on the lap or placed on the table while the owner is sitting, then most likely the bag is genuine. But if the bag is placed haphazardly and carries it haphazardly, then the possibility is false.

But that way of detection is certainly not a guarantee. There’s a more definitive way to tell if a branded bag someone is carrying is genuine or fake. The thing is, you have to approach and observe the bag with a tool called Entrupy. And it is likely that the bag owner is reluctant to let his bag be held.

This is more suitable for use when you want to buy a bag from someone, but you doubt its authenticity.

Through a wireless device that uses a microscopic camera, it matches the features and details of the original item, such as the print pattern, the surface and texture of the skin, as well as the coloring. He then compared the feature to a database of 30,000 handbags and wallets he had stored.

Entrupy founder Vidyuth Srinivasan said the accuracy of the device in detecting branded bags was 98 percent. With the precision and ability to zoom in on images up to 260 times, it can recognize 11 often forged brands, including Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci. There are currently about 160 businesses that use the tool rental services.

“Previously, this work relied on the eyes and human experience, but it gave measurable results,” Vidyuth said. With Entrupy, Vidyuth hopes to help consumers identify counterfeit goods that are often sold on the internet or through second sellers

See The Features of Chanel Bags Before Buying

As Chanel original can be distinguished by false one through several ways. Wanting to look fancy like a celebrity can be done with the look of a branded bag.

Bags are one of the additional accessories to make the appearance increasingly cute and fashionable. There are many types of bags that you can choose to add to the increasingly luxurious style.

One type of bag that you can choose and often wear celebrity is Chanel bag. It is often seen that most celebs often carry Chanel bags when traveling anywhere.

The bag can add to the fashion trend complementing her fashionable style. Chanel original bags now appear everywhere. Due to its luxurious design and materials, making Chanel bags is in high demand.

This bag is included in the range of branded bags that have a fairly expensive price. The demand for bag types is growing, so there are still manufacturers selling counterfeit branded bags.

This is in order to make a considerable profit. It’s a good idea to buy a Chanel bag knowing which one is real and fake. Don’t let you be fooled by spending big but fake money.

How to Distinguish Genuine and Fake Chanel Bags

Turns out there’s a lot unknown about the original Chanel bag. The large demand for this type of bag does not cover the possibility of kw or counterfeit bag production.

In fact, Chanel bags rank third most commonly counterfeited around the world. So, you have to be meticulous when choosing. You need to know what secrets or Chanel bags can’t emulate.

For the layman, all brands of bags are the same. It just looks different on the design and the material. Moreover, distinguishing between real and fake bags will definitely be difficult.

However, you also don’t want to spend a big budget instead of getting a fake Chanel bag. It’s a good idea to avoid disappointment, learn tips on distinguishing genuine or fake Chanel bags.

Here are some characteristics that can be used as guidelines for choosing the original Chanel bag. Do so when you choose an original Chanel bag to buy including:

The price is expensive

The first characteristic when buying a Chanel original bag is that it is clearly visible in terms of price. Branded bags are now very easy to get. Especially now there are many online shops that provide various types of bags.

The current phenomenon of online shopping has made it easier for you to buy any type of branded bag. However, be aware that you are not disappointed when receiving goods.

First make sure it’s priced first. If the price offered is priced cheaply, surely the Chanel bag is clearly fake. Chanel bags have a certain price so it can be ascertained the price range before purchase.


The second selection of Chanel original bags is seen from the logo or icon. You can easily see the C logo overlapping on the surface of the bag. The logo is one facing right and the other facing left.

This logo can be used to distinguish genuine or counterfeit Chanel bags. In addition, you can also see from the color of the logo.

When viewed carefully, Chanel bags have logos, chains, and buttons with matching colors. If you look at all three with different colors though a little, you can be sure the Chanel bag is fake.

Equipped with Serial Number

It can be ascertained if all branded or branded products are certainly well protected. In order to keep the product from counterfeit goods, Chanel original bags are equipped with serial number.

This serial number is usually located on the inside of the bag. Serial number consists of letters and numbers with 7 and 8 digits. The original Chanel bag series made in the 80s had a 7-digit number.

While produced in the 90s has an 8 digit serial number. You can be sure if the serial number is correct by checking it on purse-blog or pradahandbagsuk.co.uk website.

Has an Authenticity Card

The original Chanel bag feature also lies in the authenticity card. In addition to having a series number, Chanel bag products are also equipped with the official certificate of the bag. This is done to complete the authenticity data.

You should also make sure the certificate is genuine or fake. If the Chanel bag does not have a complete certificate, it can be confirmed to be fake. It’s a good idea to choose a Chanel bag carefully before deciding to buy it.